Cementless femoral stem of hips prosthesis

Product NO. Size Length Diameter
A400201 1 120 6.9
A400202 2 126 7.2
A400203 3 132 7.5
A400204 4 137 8.3
A400205 5 140 9.5
A400206 6 144 10.2
A400207 7 148 11.0
A400208 8 152 11.9
A400209 9 156 12.7
A400210 10 161 13.4

Products Details

The hip joint consists of the socket, lining, ball head, handle and other components. Each component has several materials and specifications. Material and model selection according to different hip surgery. There are two types of stems: cement stems and bio-joint stems. The biological stalk we are currently using worldwide is a three-dimensional wedge-shaped design, which is used to enhance the transmission of stress and improve the stability of the rear end of the stem. The optimized stem end design increases the stability of the ball head, and the highly polished neck design is refined to enhance the range of motion of the prosthesis. The proximal groove is perpendicular to the direction of stress conduction, which is conducive to rapid osseointegration and good initial stability. The surface of the stem body is fully coated with plasma titanium slurry, and the porous coating is conducive to bone ingrowth and obtains the best long-term fixation effect. The anterior and posterior edges of the intramedullary rasp provide a better press fit to the cancellous bone, increase the contact surface between the prosthesis and the bone, and provide the best locking mechanism of the stem to prevent the stem from sinking. Dry neck and feet are 135 degrees. It can also be a special product for the DAA approach. Its advantages are the real intermuscular approach, which has a short recovery period, a short recovery time for daily exercise, reduced patient pain, reduced hospitalization time, and reduced dislocation risk. The femoral prosthesis is treated with shoulder shaving to preserve the bone mass of the greater trochanter, which is suitable for minimally invasive DAA implantation. The proximal end of the handle body is thickened, the distal end is narrowed, and the shortened length design ensures stability and facilitates implantation. The highly polished outer surface of the cement stem has excellent cement affinity, follows the natural sinking theory, allows the prosthesis to sink slightly in the cement sheath, and is designed with triangular dimensions to reduce cement stress. Equipped with a distal plug and an inserter to ensure the correct positioning of the prosthesis in the medullary canal. His neck stem angle is 130 degrees. Simulate the true hip motion angle to the greatest extent. At present, the surface of the metal socket is most commonly treated with vacuum plasma titanium slurry. The porous coating is conducive to bone ingrowth and long-term fixation. The optimized latch design increases the stability of the cup and the inner lining. We also provide a variety of sockets. The choice of lining to suit the needs of different patients. The ball head has a ceramic ball head, and a metal ball head is available. The ceramic ball head is the fourth-generation ceramic material BIOLOXdelta composite material, which has excellent biocompatibility, good rounding and lubricating properties, ultra-low wear, and is completely matched with the taper of the golden femoral stem. The metal ball head is made of cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy with high polished surface technology. The surface of the bipolar head used in hemi-hip replacement is polished, with a very low coefficient of friction. The dual-center design ensures the maximum range of motion of the hip joint and reduces the wear rate. The classic large-ring lock design has good anti-dislocation performance. Various specifications of this product are available for doctors to choose according to the different conditions of the patient, which is beneficial to the patient's earlier recovery.titanium alloy, ceramic, cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy, ultra-high molecular polyethylene, etc.artificial femoral stem, femoral head lining, acetabular cup, bipolar head, etc.At present, artificial hip replacement technology and very advanced biological femoral stems of various anatomical types are used to deal with various medullary cavity schemes, and products such as ceramic femoral heads are also provided to increase the service life of the whole set of products. Better outer cup design and coating further enhance bone ingrowth. Total hip replacement has been very mature in clinical application. Offers multiple solutions for patients and physicians.Hemi-hip, total hip replacement, femoral head necrosis and other clinical scenarios that need to be replaced.
Product name Product NO. Size Length Diameter
Cementless Stem G3 Cementless stem  G3 A400201-A400203 1-3(Interval 1) 120-132(Interval 6) 6.9-7.3(Interval 0.3)
A400204-A400205 4-5(Interval 1) 137-140(Interval 3) 8.3-9.5(Interval 1.2)
A400206-A400208 6-8(Interval 1) 144-152(Interval 6) 10.2-11.9(Interval 0.9)
A400209-A400210 9-10(Interval 1) 156-161(Interval 5) 12.7-13.4(Interval 0.7)
Product name Product NO. Size Diameter
Cementless Cup(AR3) Cementless stem  G3 A330203-A330205 44-48 (Interval 2) 28
A330206-A330215 50-68(Interval 2) 28/32
Product name Product NO. Size Diameter
Insert(XLPE) Cementless stem  G3 A340103 44 28
A340104 46-48 28
A340105 50-52 28
A340106 54-56 28
A340107 58-72 28
A340108 50-52 32
A340109 54-56 32
A340110 58-72 32
Product name Product NO. Size Length
Ceramic Ball Head Cementless stem  G3 AC130101-AC130103 28(S M L) -4-4(Interval 4)
AC130104-AC130106 32(S M L) -4-4(Interval 4)
AC130107-AC130109 36(S M L) -4-4(Interval 4)
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