NH II5 external fixator instrument boxes

Product Name Product No. Specification Quantity
Pin to rod coupling 95801000 φ5/3-4 12
Rod to rod coupling 95802000 φ5/5 12
4-hole pin clamp 95805000 φ5/3-4 3
Peri-articular pin clamp 95804000 φ5/3-4 1
Straight post 95807000 φ5 2
30°post 95806000 φ5 4
Self drilling/Self tapping bone screws 90324013 φ4*130 4
Guides 95910000 φ3-4 1
Carbon fibre rod 95605250 φ5*250 2
Elbow joint mobilizer 95808000 φ5 1
T wrench 95902000 #5 1
Stabilization/Reduction wrench 95903000 #15 1
Hand drill 95906000 φ4 1
Screw driver 95909000 φ3-4 1
Thumb wheel 95911000 #5/7 1
Instrument set 95955000 1

Products Details

The NHII 5 type combined external fixation system has the characteristics of advanced technology and convenient use. It consists of needle bar fixing clip, 4-hole steel needle fixing clip, proximal joint fixing clip, straight strut, 30-degree strut, self-tapping and self-drilling ancient traction needle, locator, connecting rod, elbow joint movable device, etc. It is suitable for ulna and radius. Hip, wrist, elbow, humeral shaft fractures and other surgeries. With complete tools and various accessories, it is convenient for doctors to perform orthopedic surgery. It is convenient for doctors to operate and use.。 The NH8 type combined external fixation system is composed of needle rod fixing clip, rod fixing clip, connecting rod, bone traction needle and other components. It can be flexibly assembled according to different surgical conditions, with 5MM and 6MM diameter fixation needles. It is widely used in external fixation of lower extremity fractures. For example, the fixation of the tibia and fibula, femur, pelvis, knee joint, ankle joint and other parts. The product has high flexibility and strong applicability. This system is equipped with precise special instruments and carbon fiber connecting rods, which is easy to operate and has a clear vision during the operation. Stable strength. In the usual clinical use, it has been well received by doctors.medical aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and carbon fiber and other materials.A0 combined external fixation bracket is composed of rod clamp block, rod clamp block, fixed needle, connecting rod, joint movable device and related installation equipment.Fixation of limb fractures, and joint fixation.Due to its flexibility, the combined stent can be used in multiple surgical scenarios, and doctors can flexibly assemble it according to the surgical site to achieve a good fixation effect.1、Our company cooperates with a number Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet consectetur. 2、Provide you with a price comparison of your purchased products. 3、Provide you with factory inspection services in China. 4、Provide you with clinical advice from a professional orthopedic surgeon.We can provide customized services for you, whether it is orthopedic plates, intramedually nails, external fixation brackets, orthopedic instruments,etc. You can provide us with your samples, and we will customize the production for you according to your needs. Of course, you can also mark the laser LOGO you need on your products and instruments. In this sense, we have a first-class team of engineers, advanced processing centers and supporting facilities, which can accurately and quickly customize the products.Our products are packaged in foam and carton to ensure the integrity of your product. If you received the product with any damage, you can contact us, and we will reissue it to you as soon as possible. Our company cooperates with many good international special lines to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of goods. Of course, if you have your own line logistics, we will use it first.As long as the product is purchased from our company, you will get the installation guidance of our company's professional technicians at any time. If you need it, we will give you the operation process guidance of the product in the form of video. Once you become our customer, all products sold by our company have a 2-year warranty. If there is a problem with the product during this period, you only need to provide relevant pictures and supporting materials. The product you purchased doesn’t need to be returned, and the payment will be refunded directly to you.Of course, you can also choose to deduct it from your next order.

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